Alphington Boot-Cycle

Alphington Boot-Cycle

By Simon Brailey
4th August 2018
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Chance to give and gain.....


Here at Alphington football club, we recognise the high cost of kitting out your child in football boots and astros.

We also realise how quickly little feet grow!!
So,we have decided to trial Alphington's very own Boot-Cycle!!

From now until the end of August we will be collecting your unwanted football boots & astro trainers.

Simply pass them on to your managers and we will do the rest, but please make sure boots are clean and in good condition.

Once collected we will gather all the donated boots sort into sizes and styles. We will then decide on a couple of dates in September to invite firstly those who have donated themselves and then we will invite everybody else, so that you can come and see the boots available for you.

We can only do this with your boot donations.

We don't intend to charge for boots but there will be a voluntary collection box for a local charity.

We are positive that this can help children of all age groups and you feel this is a cause worth supporting.

Thank you all

Alphington Youth Committee.

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